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Default  New Member, Full-Length Final Fantasy Novel
07.19.10, 13:30:18
  Post #1

I'm a new member and I've written a full-length novelization of Final Fantasy VI, THE ESPER, which can be read on my website: The Esper « Travis Lambert. Feel free to link to it and spread the word.


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Default  07.19.10, 13:42:45
  Post #2

I hope that s not your only reason for coming here.

If not, then welcome!

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Super Nintendo!
Default  07.19.10, 14:05:54
  Post #3

It's the only reason. But welcome!

Serial Killer
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  Winter Nights
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Final Fantasy VIII
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Default  07.19.10, 15:14:33
  Post #4

I might check that out, if I have time. Or I might just replay FFVI. Depends.

Welcome anyway, though.
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Default  07.20.10, 00:09:06
  Post #5

Quoth Winter Nights: View Post
I might check that out, if I have time. Or I might just replay FFVI. Depends.

Welcome anyway, though.
What he said

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fan fiction, final fantasy 3, final fantasy 6, final fantasy iii, final fantasy vi

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