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Default  Your favorite experiences at a movie theater?
03.21.12, 22:01:53
  Post #1

Crowds are usually silent in Qu├ębec, Canada. But when I saw The Artist, the crowd was seriously into it. They loved every second of it, and by the end of the film, about 90% of them gave the film a standing ovation. A great movie theater experience for a great film.

The second time I saw the Dark Knight, the crowd there reacted very well at many of the joker's scenes, such as the Pencil Trick sequence. The Return of the King had a loud ovation at the end too.

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Default  03.22.12, 00:44:53
  Post #2

Crank was a funny movie to see in theaters. At the sex scene a few people walked out, bitching and moaning about how stupid the movie was, me and my Dad just laughed. Also my dad brought my Grandma along to see this movie with us. It was overall very funny.
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Default  03.23.12, 16:20:28
  Post #3

One time I made out with my (at the time) boyfriend and once we left, I got it in.

That was an experience to remember.

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Default  03.23.12, 18:32:09
  Post #4

When I was 16, I used to go to the movies with a group of friends and my then-girlfriend. We'd being doing foreplay for about ten minutes, then leave the theater for the rest of the movie to go have sex in the back of my friend's van. Anal sex.

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