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Default  04.05.08, 17:27:38
  Post #21

hm interesting..... looking for Matoya...........

`In the darkness lies your fears` -Resident Evil 1 Remake
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Default  05.01.08, 10:06:51
  Post #22

I completed the NES version a couple of times. I think they took me around 15 hours...Then again, I powerleved by the end of the game till the max level. You can therefore add another 4 or 5.

Quoth Michael: View Post
I'm embarrassed to say I've never actually finished FFI. -_-

It's gameplay is still great, but there's such a bad lack of direction that completing it is a chore, and I like to stay away from guides if at all possible.

Then I suggest you to stay away from Dragon Warrior II. Once the game becomes non-linear, it says bye bye to any sense of driection, forcing you to play a freaking Flute to find Orbs. What's worse is that you have to play the flute EVERYWHERE. It gets annoying easily. There's a similar quest in Dragon Warrior III, but at least you get hints on what to do.

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Default  05.17.08, 03:34:24
  Post #23

Are we talking about NES FF1 or one of the remakes? NES FF1 is considerably more difficult and takes longer to beat than a remake. (You can only save in tents and inns; you have to target the right enemy or waste your turn; MP must be economized; you start with nothing; you can only reach level 50; everything is more expensive; healing items don't work as well; and enemies don't drop free items.)

I have never been one for speed runs, so my times are never impressive. It has been a long time since I played through the entire NES FF1 game. The first time I played was in the 80s, and I remember spending a lot of time leveling just to stay alive. I used the balanced party of Fighter, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage.

What's more fun than speed-playing is trying to beat it with a challenging party, such as the infamous all White Mage challenge (no class change). I have done this in the GBA version, and I got about half way through the NES version when I got bored.
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  Daryl Falchion
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Default  05.19.08, 23:22:53
  Post #24

Can't remember the time for the NES verison. Too long ago.

The emulator was about 15 hours. I avoided saving except for in the tents, etc. to try to "emulate" the real verison.

The PS verison was about 12 hours for the normal party and can't remember for the White Mage party. I remember it was substantionally longer though.

For the GBA verison I took about 25 hours again for the standard party (getting through all the new secret dungeons and beating all the bosses) and am now working on a White Mage party. Can't wait to try them up against Omega Weapon. xD
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Default  05.30.08, 21:01:11
  Post #25

It took me near 100 hours.

Then again, video games bore me and I fall asleep while playing, or turn off the television and not the console.

Yeah, it's awesome.

you taste like candy
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Default  05.30.08, 23:24:41
  Post #26

15 hours and twenty-six minutes on the Playstation Final Fantasy: Origins edition

A little over 18 hours on the Dawn of Souls edition because of the extra dungeons
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Default  05.31.08, 14:59:32
  Post #27

Could never be bothered finishing it, so about 10 years and counting I'd say...

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English is preffered
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Default  05.31.08, 19:06:01
  Post #28

On my PSP, about a year now. I'm really lazy. And I hate wandering....cause I'm too lazy to look at a walkthrough...

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Default  06.02.08, 09:27:23
  Post #29

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never actually finished FFI, mainly due to the gameplay's complete lack of direction.

But I'm determined to complete every FF, so I've recently gone back to it with the goal of doing so.
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Default  07.18.08, 19:02:29
  Post #30

im already 7 hours in and i only just got the yellow crystal by beating the monster behind the vampire's room. it was the first crystal i got.

how far in am i? i cant see it taking only another 5 hours to get the other 3 crystals.

if the damn random battles werent so frequent and i could actually get somewhere without taking 3 steps before another fight i can see this game taking 10-12hrs.
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Default  12.28.08, 02:22:44
  Post #31

PSP Version took me about 15 hours to beat the game.

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Default  Test, just a test
03.09.09, 08:04:44
  Post #32

Hello. And Bye.
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Thanks, guys.
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Default  03.11.09, 07:51:47
  Post #33

It really depends on whether you're aiming to beat it quickly or not.
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  redmage for the win
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Default  04.22.09, 08:51:31
  Post #34

i'd say about 10-11 hours depending on party makeup
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Default  06.27.09, 06:58:36
  Post #35

Indeed. If you have a Monk in your party, and you upgrade him to Master, he deals more damage past level 27 (NES version, I don't know about PSP) when is he bare-handed. At level 50, he is a true beast.

Warmech? What's that?
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Default  04.29.10, 11:21:58
  Post #36

I'm going through the PS remake (origins) right now. I'm about 15 hours in and just about to head to the dungeon to get the second crystal. Apparently, at least compared to everyone here, I'm very slow at FF. Then again, I love to thoroughly explore everywhere and do a couple levels worth of experience before I even attempt a dungeon. And I can never seem to figure out quite where I'm supposed to be going. I was trying to avoid a walkthrough, but now I don't turn on the game without my walkthrough right next to me. Plus, I always have to fight enough battles to get all the weapons, armor, and magic that I want at every town I go to.

Yeah, I can easily log over a 100 hours into every FF game...
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Default  01.23.12, 16:34:13
  Post #37

I've beat FF1 for NES several times. The first time I played it, when I was 10 or so, it took about a year. Now I can beat it in one day. 12 hours of game time, maybe? It definitely helps to exploit the experience beacon near Pravoka where you encounter ZomBulls, FrWolfs, Bulls, and Trolls. As soon as you get Fire 2, you can start wiping them out and gaining an entire level per fight. Then exploit the experience beacon in the Ice Cave where you fight the Eye repeatedly.
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