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Default  Beating Sinspawn Gui.
01.08.03, 15:05:36
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i need help beating him!!!! everyone has the max hp they can get right now that are on the field! i summon ifrit and valefore to kill the head and they both die when yuna has overdrive and i have auron do dragon fang with 2:98 left and attacks. kimahri heal and wakka attack the head i dunno what im doing wrong. can anyone help me?

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Default  01.09.03, 00:45:39
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First off make sure Yuna and Ifrit are at overdrive. Go into battle and summon Ifrit and have him deuce out his overdrive twice. This should take care of the head and both arms (temporarily) if your at a high enough level. If it didn't take out the head have Wakka beat it a few more times and Lulu cast some ara spells on it. Next bring in your tough hitters like Kimahri, Auron and Tidus and have them beat the hell out of the body. After three turns the arms regenerate. Bring in Lulu to cast ara spells on them to get some overkill points, and you can now continue attacking the body. I seriously suggest having Tidus cast haste on most everybody especially Yuna because you'll need to cycle her in to heal a lot.

At least, this is how I beat him!
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Default  01.09.03, 04:02:07
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Get both Aeons in Overdrive

Get all characters in Overdrive

Start off with Yuna using Garnd Summon with Valafor, then after that use this overdrive for a second time, then attack his body.

Attack his body now, until his arms respawn

Use Ifrits Overdrive, then attack with his body

Get Auron Tidus and Yuna, Yuna to heal, and Tidus and Auron to kill the arms when they respawn and once both arms are gone, uses both thier Overdrives on his body

Keep killing his arms then to his body


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