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  Sephiroth Elite
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Default  09.03.02, 16:37:27
  Post #41 (permalink)

With the Double EXP ability it should be easy to level up in the Down Shinra plane.With the Double Gil materia it is a really good source for gil.You can get up to 20,000 gil in a battle.Or is it 10,000?

Anyways it's alot of gil and they are very easy enemies.
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  Razor's Kiss
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Default  09.04.02, 23:10:22
  Post #42 (permalink)

The Gelinka (sp?) is a great place for Exp+AP, but the monsters take some time to kill since they have a lot of HP and their attacks can be powerful.

All in all for the fastest and easiest way to get to 99 or high levels and master materia is the Norther Crater swampy area.

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Default  09.04.02, 23:41:44
  Post #43 (permalink)

Some places (probably already mentioned):

Magic pots and orange-like thingees in Northern Craters.
Mideel forests.
Shinra Gelnika Plane.

Well... that's how I leveled up.

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Default  09.07.02, 12:02:13
  Post #44 (permalink)

I always though the witai area was a good place to lvl

lvl 61 DRG/WAR on the valefor server

As long as the San'D Orian walls hold there is hope for victory
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Default  09.07.02, 14:28:34
  Post #45 (permalink)

i trained in this airplane in the water.
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Default  09.07.02, 19:10:50
  Post #46 (permalink)


And i think that The crater is teh best place.

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Default  09.08.02, 16:24:31
  Post #47 (permalink)

The crater is excellent for raising XP or AP but the downed plane is the best for advancing becasue everything there can be morphed into a source. Just make sure to have an ultimate weapon or two so that you do reasonable damage while morphing...
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