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Default  Youth is wasted on the young. Wisdom is wasted on the old.
05.18.06, 21:52:40
  Post #1 (permalink)

I'm sure at some point in all of our life's we've heard some old timer make the expression "Youth is wasted on the young." And often times, you will have heard the counter argument, that "Wisdom is wasted on the old."

(The following arguments are listed as a generalisation, not specifics.)

~ The First Argument:
The young are largely naive, lack experience, and do not know where to put their plentiful energy or talents to better his fellow man. Youth do not know what's best for them or others -- but in addition to this ignorance, they have a vibrant energy that won't be utilized to it's fullest capacity

~ The Second Argument:
The old are experienced, tired, and specialized. They know their life role (or at least are expected to.) and are serving their society to the best of their capabilities. They have the skill. But not the energy... thus their wisdom ends up going unused.

~ The Discussion:
1 - Do you agree with either of the two above arguments to some degree, fully, or just flat out despise them both?
2 - Are these incorrectable societal flaws or is society moving towards 'experienced youths' and 'energized seniors'?
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Default  05.18.06, 22:03:46
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What I gather from that way of thinking is "Young people are stupid and wrong." "Old people are smart and right."

I believe that way of thinking is rather silly. I believe youth develop change and you'd think the protogé would be smarter but that's rarely the case. Nowadays it seems like old people just blame younger people because of their mistakes. Or simply because they just aren't used to change.

I believe we're moving torwards youth with more freedom and elderly wanting restrictions.
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Default  05.18.06, 22:57:42
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I believe the statement to be true in someways but since its 7 AM and I haven't slept yet I won't get into it to much. We live in different times. Things have changed. An old person even with the energy of a youth wouldn't survive in our world.


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Default  05.19.06, 14:28:29
  Post #4 (permalink)

i disagree with both statements. youth is not wasted on the young nor is wisdom wasted on the old. energy and vibrance should be given to the young who may be naiive or reckless because that is when they are able to push the boundaries and limits. This is why it is usually the young who come up with innovative ideas and breakthroughs. The old may be wise, but they are wise in the ways of the past. The young are able to attain knowledge of the future for they are the future. As for the wisdom being wasted on the old, it's not because they are the ones responsible for educating the young who can take that knowledge as well as their creativity to forge something new which the old with their set mindsets, would be hard pressed to do.

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